What’s the point in learning a different language from somewhere I may never visit?

Lots of people ask this question and we have lots of different positive answers. Speaking more than one language is great for your brain. Lots of studies have shown that speaking more than just your native tongue is an amazing way to keep the brain working. It also can give you or your child more job opportunities in the future as well as boosting your memory! We love learning new languages come and try with us!

Our classes run every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Please refer to our time table if you would like to know exact time and give us a call if you want to know a little bit more information about our amazing language classes.

Programs available:

  • Play & Learn
  • English & Maths Tutoring
  • Maths & Maths Olympia
  • English Spelling
  • English Writing
  • Chinese Language
  • Homework Club
  • Movie Review

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